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Research on flight mechanics and dynamic characteristics, flight performance simulation and evaluation

2012-01-13 | admin

The flight mechanics and dynamic characteristics is an important issue to influence the vehicle shape design, structural mechanics, ballistic trajectory and control system. It connected with the fields of aerodynamics, flight mechanics, structure mechanics, vibration and acoustics, and control. CAAA has done a lot of research on following aspects:

◆  Research on flight vehicle dynamic stability characteristic

◆  Research on characteristic of flight vehicle buffeting and flutter

◆ Research on the coupling of aerodynamics, flight dynamics, and control system

◆  Research on aerodynamic flexibility and structure vibration

◆  Flight vehicle aerodynamic characteristics and flight performance simulation and evaluation

◆ Dynamic characteristic testing technology

Aerodynamic Flexibility Test for Rocket Launcher     Airflow Drive Test at High Range of Attack

                              CFD Numerical Simulation for Plane      Numerical Simulation for Hypersonic Flight Vehicle Aerothermodynamic Analysis

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