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Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

2012-01-13 | admin

FD-07 is a hypersonic wind tunnel which is free-jet intermittent type. The diameter of nozzle exit is 0.5 m with Mach number from 5 to 12. There are other two hypersonic wind tunnels, FD-02 and FD-03. The Mach number is 3.5-8.0 in FD-02 while the Mach number is 5.0-10 in FD-03. The main tests items in FD-07 are as follows:

◆Aerodynamic force measurement and pressure distribution tests for flight vehicle models

◆Aerodynamic thermal transferring and coating impingement corrosion test

◆Aerodynamic characteristics test for reentry body

◆Stage separation simulation test

◆Rocket jet flow and TVC test

◆Low temperature ablation and particles erosion simulation

◆Boundary layer transition and shockwave/boundary layer interference test

◆Free flight model test

◆Boundary layer turbulence and mixing layer turbulence test

Comparision between Phosphorescence Heat-flow              Plate Model LCD Image Analysis

Image and Schlieren Image

FD-02 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

FD-07 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

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