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Hypersonic Piston Gun Tunnel

2012-01-13 | admin

FD-20, FD-22 are hypersonic impulsive gun tunnels with Mach number 5-25. The diameter of nozzle exit is φ0.4~φ0.5m. The total pressure and temperature can reach to 400Mpa and 3000K respectively while    (Re)max=6*107/m. The main tests are as following: pressure, force, and thermal transferring measurements of hypersonic flight vehicle models, stage separating test, cold and hot jet simulation, engine ignition, the interferences of shock waves, flow visualization, etc.

FD-22 Φ1m Shock Tunnel

Floating Frame Type Six Components Balance       Shearing Stress Vector Distribution

On Model Surface(Tangential Jet Flow)

FD-20 Piston Gun Tunnel

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