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High Temperature Gas Aerodynamics Test Facility

2012-01-13 | admin

There are two hypersonic arc heating wind tunnel (FD-04 and FD-15) in CAAA with various kinds of electric arc heaters, including pipe type arc heater, long segment arc heaters, etc. The stagnation pressures is from 10kPa to 10Mpa. The total specific enthalpy can reach 30MJ/Kg while the arc power is from 1MW to 25 MW.

The diameter of FD-04 nozzle exit is 0.42m while the Mach number is from 0.6 to 7.0. The diameter of FD-15 nozzle exit is 1m while the Mach number is from 0.6 to 10. Special test techniques are developed on different high temperature gas aerodynamics test facilities. The main tests are as following: cold shroud flow test, trajectory simulation, subsonic shroud test, conduct ablation performance test, particle-erosion test, ablation induced roll torque test for thermal protection layer of conical body, and reentry physical phenomena test, etc.

Arc Heater                               FD-04  Arc Heater Wind Tunnel

FD-15  Plasma High Enthalpy Wind Tunnel

Large-scale Complex Thermal Structure Test               Wind Tunnel Central Control Room

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